7th local Club opened under the Malta Karate Federation

Sensei Karl Anastasi, Chief Instructor of Impact Karate & Fitness Centre, San Gwann

After several months of carrying out a marketing campaign, Sensei Karl Anastasi 3rd Dan Black Belt, has officially opened a Karate Club at the centre of San Gwann. This raises the number of clubs to 7 which are members of the Malta Karate Federation (M.K.F).

Organized demonstrations will be held in the coming months to promote the new club and to allow people of all ages to try karate and see what it’s all about. Further information on these demonstrations will be soon published on the official website:

Mr Kenneth Abela, President of the MKF, announced that he is very enthusiastic that the Federation is seeing a constant growth in the participants of karate in Malta and also the increase of clubs spread across Malta and Gozo. People interested in learning more about The Malta Karate Federation can visit:


Impact Karate & Fitness Centre supports Puttinu Cares Foundation


The M.K.F award 6th Dan to Sensei Anthony Zammit

 Earlier this month the Malta Karate Federation (M.K.F) has awarded the rank of 6th Dan Karate Black Belt – Rokudan to Sensei Anthony Zammit from the Birkirkara Karate Club.

Since his first Karate lesson in 1972, Sensei Anthony Zammit has always had an active role in Maltese Karate. He became an instrumental part in the development of Karate in Malta, as well as in the formation of the Malta Karate Federation.

Karate was first introduced to Malta in 1972 at the ‘Prince Cinema’, B’Kara and since then, Sensei Anthony kept himself busy practicing and teaching others in the art of Shotokan Karate. In 2005, he also underwent a series of examinations with the World Governing Body of Karate, namely the World Karate Federation (W.K.F), of which he passed with honours and achieved the prestigious title of World Karate Judge in both competition Kata (patterns) and Kumite (sparring).

Currently he forms part of the Malta Karate Federation’s Examiners Panel for Black Belts, as well as other important roles therein. The rank of 6th Dan places him as the highest rank in Maltese Karate, and as is customary in Martial Arts, also replaced his black belt with a red-white belt.

The President of the Malta Karate Federation, Mr. Kenneth Abela, was extremely pleased to award such a rank to a person who has built from the ground up what Karate is in Malta today.

More information about Karate in Malta can be found at

2013 07 13 The Malta Independent Press Release
IOC Approves Karate for 2020 Olympics

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