Benefits for Kids

Why is Karate good for kids?

The well-rounded teachings of Karate can positively affect kids by enhancing their life-skills and placing emphasis on their values and attitudes.  Karate employs techniques that build strength, endurance, flexibility, posture, balance and coordination.  While the physical benefits of Karate are undeniable, this popular sport has many non-physical benefits on children as well.

Karate Enhances Self-Esteem in Children 

Karate is an excellent confidence booster for children as it eliminates the need for them to compete and compare themselves to their peers.  Instead, Karate encourages kids to draw on their own strengths and strive for their personal best.  A confident child feels more valuable and has the ability to face life’s challenges head on.  Self-assured children are more resilient to peer pressure and bullying.

Karate Improves Kids’ Focus and Self-Discipline

The mental focus that’s required to execute Karate moves can spill over into a child’s everyday life eventually improving listening abilities and school performance.  The practice of Karate can also improve the concentration of kids who suffer from attention disorders.  Self-discipline is a very strong core value which Karate builds upon day after day.  It is a very important tool which will help mould children into responsible adults.